How the Internet Has Changed the Way People Dine

A 2009 Google study revealed that a staggering 90% of diners use internet sites to search for restaurants.  That fact shows a 32% increase from last year alone.  Just think of the implications of that study.  How are restaurants advertising in Michigan?  Print media?  Radio?  Television?  Billboards?  Are these restaurants completely missing the boat?

The Google study broke down these statistics further regarding how these diners are actually using the internet to complete these restaurant searches.  80% of diners use search engines to decide where to eat.  Think about that fact for a second.  80% of diners use search engines to decide where to dine; therefore, if a Michigan restaurant isn’t showing up in a search engine, 80% of diners aren’t finding them.

52% of diners go online searching for coupons and specials.  52% of diners aren’t looking for coupons in the mail; they’re not looking for coupons in the newspaper and they’re not listening to radio advertising to hear about a restaurants’s specials and events.  In other words, your coupons, events and specials must be on the internet to be found by 52% of diners.

22% of diners use the internet to sign up for loyalty clubs.  19% of diners will go online to participate in contests and 19% of diners will purchase restaurant giftcards online.

This Google study is the perfect example of why is such an incredibly perfect match for anyrestaurant in Michigan.  Michigan flavor does all the work for you.  Michigan flavor will help your restaurant get seen in search engine results.  Your coupons can be downloaded and printed directly from your michigan flavor restaurant page and your daily specials and events are not only listed on your restaurant page but are searchable as well. links directly to a restaurant’s website so users can easily opt in to loyalty programs, participate in contests and even purchase gift cards.  Michigan flavor encompasses every point made by this very relevant Google study.

Interested in learning about how to get your restaurant’s enhanced listing on  Visit the website or call 248.302.2738.  Get the best bang for your advertising buck.



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