West Bloomfield Breakfast Bliss

michigan flavor blog author

Michigan Flavor's Blog Author Jodi

I don’t like breakfast. I never have. And until recently, I probably would have told you that I never will. I have a difficult time trying to order off a breakfast menu…because, I just don’t enjoy breakfast.

Usually I end up eating steel cut oatmeal or Greek yogurt and a handful of walnuts. Not sexy, but it does the job of fueling me for my busy day. I don’t eat eggs, never have. I don’t really care for pork sausage or bacon. I occasionally eat turkey bacon when I need a little pre-workout protein. I like bagels or toast with peanut butter, but the caloric content usually keeps me from indulging.

Mother always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I always eat breakfast. But honestly, I just really don’t like breakfast.

That is, I’ve never liked breakfast before. Here’s how the story goes. Last week I was sitting in my office working quietly and diligently, unaware of the unassuming pancake that was about to change my life. As a surprise, my husband brought me an order of the most delectable, delicious, incredible breakfast item I’ve ever eaten.

Red Velvet Pancakes Zoe's House of Pancakes West Bloomfield

Red Velvet Pancakes

The restaurant – Zoe’s House of Pancakes in West Bloomfield, MI.
The dish – Red Velvet Pancakes topped with cream cheese icing, powdered sugar and whipped cream.
The verdict – Utter breakfast bliss!

With every bite, my love affair with those pancakes grew. They were three light, fluffy pancakes with the distinct red velvet flavor that cannot be mistaken for anything else. The cream cheese icing melting just beneath the powdered sugar finale were the perfect complements to this not-too-sweet breakfast confection. And the whipping cream added an additional layer of flavor that took my taste buds to places they’d never been before.

West Bloomfield Crepes

Hazelnut Chocolate Banana Crepes

My only complaint is that they were far too good to stop eating. I finished every bite of the enormous helping of pancake euphoria. The caloric intake that morning was a new record for me. The guilt I felt afterward was pretty overwhelming…but not so bad that I won’t indulge over and over and over again. One final problem. I’m concerned that every breakfast item on Zoe’s House of Pancakes‘ massive breakfast menu is equally as good. If so, I’ll be in need of a new wardrobe of larger sized clothing – or many long days in the gym working off every delectable calorie.

For more information about Zoe’s House of Pancakes and other fantastic Michigan Restaurants, visit the Metro Detroit dining directory at http://www.michiganflavor.com. My final bit of advice, visit Zoe’s and check in here with your comments.

Zoe's House of Pancakes in West Bloomfield, MI

Zoe's House of Pancakes in West Bloomfield, MI


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