A Little bit of Memphis in Fenton

Memphis is a city that takes great pride in its barbecue. They claim to have the best barbecue in the world and have become famous for it. But what exactly is Memphis-Style Barbecue?

Traditional Memphis barbecue is usually smoked pork served in one of two forms: ribs on a slab or pulled. Memphis is probably best known for its dry barbecue. Most frequently used on ribs, the dry style is highly flavorful and is less messy to eat than wet. In the dry process, the ribs are coated with a rub made from ingredients such as garlic, paprika, onions, cumin, and other spices. They are then cooked in a smoker until they are fall-off-the-bone tender. Typically, dry ribs are served with a sauce on the side.

Beale Street Smokehouse is named after the famed street in Memphis, Tenn. Beale Street Smokehouse is located on North Road in Fenton and serves Memphis-style barbecue, and that means the dry-rub or spices is key to their style. They use a mixture of 16 spices on their meat, then off to the smoker.

To accompany your ribs or pulled pork, Beale Street has sweet potato fries that are dusted with a sweet cinnamon maple powder. One of my favorite sides to go along with my barbecue is one of their 14 Michigan craft beers either on tap or in bottles.

When you are there, you can view upcoming blues bands they have scheduled to play at Beale Street Smokehouse on the chalkboard inside or you can view weekly on www.michiganflavor.com.

If you are looking for a little Memphis, you can find it at Beale Street Smokehouse. Memphis Smoked Barbeque, Michigan Craft Beers and live Blues.


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