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Brighton’s Gem

Downtown MainDowntown Main Martini Bar & Grille located in Downtown Brighton offers an award winning menu and service to match. You can satisfy your drink desires with more than 100 different martinis, over 200 different kinds of liquors and over 100 beers, and a wine list that offers more than 55 wines.  The bar is unique and very cool with the way it lights up and the atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing.  They also offer outdoor seating weather permitting.  The Downtown Main Martini Bar & Grille’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff and takes pride in offering every guest a night worth telling everyone about. 

dt2The  Tapas Menu has dishes like the Portabella Sliders, Pear Pizza (which is topped with mozzarella and crumbled bleu cheese, diced pears, walnuts, bacon) and Pulled Pork Sliders.  You can also make any of the Tapas items an entree and get a basket of the fresh baked bread and soup or salad for $4.00.  There are also healthy and Gluten Free items available on the Tapas Menu as well.

dt4On the Entree Menu, Chef Joe offers everything from sandwiches and salads to some of the best entrees you can find in any Detroit Restaurant.  The Scallops Toscana are a big hit (Pan-seared scallops served with fettuccini pasta sautéed with sweet bell peppers, baby spinach, and garlic in a light vin blanc sauce) so is the Lobster Mac and Cheese, my favorite is the 12 ounce Veal Porterhouse.  There are many great items to select on the Entree menu, but leave room for dessert.

dt3After dinner Downtown Main is one of Detroit’s premiere places to hang out.  There are many different events such as: ladies night, live entertainment, wine tastings, happy hour and weekly food specials.

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The 10 Best Places in Metro Detroit to Watch March Madness

10. Harry’s Detroit – Detroit 

Great spot Downtown Detroit. Specials, lots of TV’s and food is good.

9. Hermann’s Olde Town Grille – Plymouth –

Great spot in Plymouth, good beer selection, nice menu and specials.

8. Bailey’s Sports Grill – Dearborn –

Good food, lots of beers on tap, plenty of TV’s.

Tavern on The Main

7. Tavern on the Main – Clawson

Tavern burger, couple beers and games.

6. Gator Jake’s Bar & Grill – 

Good specials, lots of TV’s.

Rub BBQ Pub

5. Rub BBQ Pub – Detroit – 

BBQ and games. Plenty of beers to choose from and good specials.

Ironwood Grill in Plymouth

4. Ironwood Grill of Plymouth – Plymouth – 

Pizza is good, ribs are well prepared. Specials and lots of TV’s.Doc’s Sports Retreat

Doc's Sports Retreat

3. Doc’s Sports Retreat – Livonia – 

Food is good, specials are nice, plenty of TV’s to watch all the games on.

2. Dooley’s Tavern – Sterling Heights –

Pizza, Burgers, Beer and games.

1. Lakepointe Yacht Club – Livonia – 

No explanation needed.

The Old Shillelagh – A Corktown Classic

The next stop on our historic tour of culinary Detroit is in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Corktown.  Founded by metro Detroit’s vast Irish-American population, Corktown is home to many traditional Irish Pubs, none more steeped in tradition than the Old Shillelagh.  So what characteristics do all Irish Pubs share?  What makes a bar worthy of calling itself an Irish Pub?  Despite the onslaught of bars around the city calling themselves “Irish Pubs” around St. Patrick’s Day, a true Irish Pubs must strictly follow a couple of strict rules.

  1. The “plastics” rule:  If, around St. Patrick’s Day, a bar has any sign of green plastic shamrocks, green plastic cups or anything green and plastic for that matter, it is not a true Irish Pub.
  2. The “green beer” rule:  Similar to the “plastics” rule, if, on St. Patrick’s Day, a bar serves any type of green beer that is not Miller Lite, the bar is not an Irish Pub.
Detroit's Old Shillelagh Irish Pub

Detroit's Old Shillelagh Irish PUb

With that said, few places in Detroit can proudly bear the name “Irish Pub”, but of those that do, one of Corktown’s favorites is The OldDetroit's Old Shillelagh Logo Shillelagh.  John Brady and Charlie Taylor opened the Old Shillelagh in February 1975 and the pub quickly became a success.  The third generation of Brady’s now runs The Old Shillelagh which has since been expanded to include a second floor.  A rowdy hangout year-round, the pub is packed to capacity from open to close during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Since its opening almost 35 years ago, the Old Shillelagh has remained true to its Irish roots by hosting authentic Irish bands, a large Irish (and non-Irish) clientele and, of course, corned-beef sandwiches.  A trip to Detroit simply isn’t complete without a visit to The Old Shillelagh, whether you’re Irish or not., This traditional Irish Pub has phenomenal food, an incredible beer selection, a lively, fun atmosphere, great live entertainment 7 days a week and to top it all off, a fantastic friendly and attentive staff. It is one of Detroit’s true culinary gems.

For more information about The Old Shillelagh, visit them at http://www.miflavor.com/detroit/restaurant/Old-Shillelagh_346. Also search for other fantastic Michigan eateries, read about daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink specials and even print coupons to various local bars and restaurants at michiganflavor.com – The place to go before you go out!

Attention Bar Owners: Why not let your patrons do some of your marketing for you?

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most underrated, albeit important types of marketing a bar can use in this economic climate.  Many Michigan bar owners underestimate and often overlook the importance of WOM marketing.  It costs nothing and can be a powerful, powerful weapon.  If a customer finds his/her way into your bar in Michigan, is treated to fantastic customer service, gets chatted up by a friendly and charming bartender, is served simple, yet delicious pub fare made with fresh ingredients and has a good time in a great atmosphere, they will tell their friends.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned points aren’t the only features needed in your Michigan bar to get the most out of word of mouth advertising.  What is it about your bar that makes it stand out from the rest?  In order to get WOM marketing to be the powerful tool it can be, your bar needs to have that intangable “it” factor; i.e. something to make your customers want to talk about your establishment.  This is why out of the box thinking is so important.  You need to come up with that something REALLY special that makes your bar in Michigan noteworthy.

The “it” factor may come in the form of something as simple as really incredible artwork that will elicite conversation.  It may be a signature drink that is so incredible that customers will talk about the experience of trying it for days and weeks to come.  It could be an event or party celebrating a day not usually celebrated.  The possibilites are limitless, but whatever you choose to make your bar stand out must be so incredibly unique that patrons will simply HAVE to talk about it.  In this economy, good service, decent food and clean restrooms no longer do the trick.  Your Michigan bar has to be very different from your competition.  Figure out what is potentially unique about your establishment and make it even more unique, quirky, fun.

Don’t get me wrong.  You still MUST have the great service, drink specials and quality food to back up your bar’s uniqueness, but those things aren’t enough anymore.  You need to figure out what gives your bar that “it” factor and let your customers do some of your marketing for you.  In this age of social networking, word of mouth advertising extends further than customers talking face-to-face.  If your bar is unique enough, your customers will not only discuss it with their close friends, but will also talk about their experiences on facebook or tweet about it on twitter or even include your Michigan bar in a blog post like the one you’re reading now.  Think about the endless possibilites of word of mouth marketing from that point of view.  One customer’s positive experience could potentially reach hundreds new customers very, very quickly.  And before you know it, those people will be shouting your praises from the rooftops (or their desktops) in no time at all.

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