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The French Laundry: A Fenton, MI Culinary Treasure

The atmosphere of the French Laundry is reminiscent of a Paris cafe. The tables are close together, but customers are still able to be sat comfortably. There is a bar with stools if you are coming in specifically for the large selection of Local Craft Beers and  fantastic wine selection. When weather permits outside seating is available.
The menu ranges from lunch time sandwiches (like the Georgia Reuben and Croque Monsieur) and salads to more traditional French dinner entrees (like Coq au Vin) and other entrees like the Scallops over spinach and mushroom risottos.
Breakfast is served from 7 A.M. to Noon and includes bagels as well as delicious egg dishes.
The dessert menu from scones, croissants, Creme Brulee. Be sure to save room for dessert, there are enough choices to satisfy any sweet tooth two..
French Laundry is an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The perfect place for bringing a date, dinner with friends or having the family together for a special meal. As one of the best restaurants in the Flint and Genesee County area, it’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t been to The French Laundry..

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Summer Tipping Do’s and Don’ts


Summer Tipping Guide

A recent article in Real Simple Magazine summarized some helpful hints for tipping service providers especially during the summer months.  To avoid awkward moments with your food delivery person or hotel housekeeper, follow these helpful hints from Real Simple’s Summer Tipping Guide.

  1. Airport Skycap – keep in mind, large or bulky items such as golf bags and strollers may warrant a little extra gratuity, but a good rule of thumb to follow is $1.00 – $3.00 per bag.
  2. Bellhop – etiquette coach, Patricia Rossi suggests tipping the bellman an extra dollar for suitcases that are on the heavy side, but the typical car-to-room tip should be $1.00-$2.00 per bag.
  3. Camp Counselor – Make sure to read the camp handbook to find out if gratuities are allowed.  If tips are against the rules, a simple thank you note will do; however, at camps were tips are permitted, your child’s counselor should be given up to $10.00 per week.
  4. Dog Groomer – While 15 – 20 percent gratuity is the norm, if your dog is a handful, you should consider tipping an extra 5%.
  5. Dog Walker – According to dogwalker.com, if your pooch is exercised for a week or more, your dog walker should be tipped up to 20 percent of the bill.
  6. Food delivery – 10 – 15 percent is an acceptable amount unless your ordering for a small army in which case, another 5% is warranted.
  7. Gardener or Pool Cleaner – This gratuity should be awarded at the end of the summer and should total $20-$50 or the cost of one visit.
  8. Hotel Housekeeper – It is important to remember that since the cleaning crew changes daily, you should tip daily, even if you’re staying for a week or more.  Acceptable amount? $2.00 – $5.00 per night depending on how nice the hotel is and be sure to add an extra couple dollars if you have a large family.
  9. Housesitter – No gratuity is necessary, but if you’re feeling generous, bring the house sitter a gift from your travels.
  10. Seasonal Sports Instructor – No tip necessary.  You are paying for the sessions with this professional, so no gratuity is expected.
  11. Shuttle-Bus Driver – The Emily Post Institute advises travelers to tip a shuttle-bus driver only if he waits for you, helps with your luggage or gets you to your destination quickly.  Proper amount?  Up to $2.00.
  12. Valet-Parking Attendant – Tip $1.00-$3.00 in small cities or  $3.00-$5.00 in large cities.  Remember, since large vehicles like SUV’s are more difficult to park, be sure to give the attendant a little extra for the trouble.
Michigan Restaurant DirectoryThese Summer Tipping Do’s and Don’ts have been brought to you by MichiganFlavor.com, the place to go before you go out.  Looking for a great place to dine during your Michigan vacation?  Visit www.michiganflavor.com from your computer or download the free app from the Android marketplace and search for restaurants from your mobile device.  More more great information about Dining in Michigan, “like” us on Facebook or connect with us on Twitter.
Article Source: Real Simple Magazine, July 2011, Yelena Moroz
Image Source: bridalbuds.com

Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe – Detroit’s Comfort Food

Soul food is synonomous with comfort food.  Originated and developed by slaves in the United States, Soul food has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. Popular throughout the U.S., soul food is the result of cooking techniques and recipes handed down from generation to generation for over 300 years.

"chicken and Mac n Cheese"Many common foods that make up a soul food cookbook originated in Africa, such as okra, black eyed peas and leafy green vegetables.  The slaves used these ingredients to fuel them for the long workdays in the southern heat.  Soul food cooking became popular among the masses in the 1960’s and today makes up one of the most popular segments of the American restaurant industry.

The city of Detroit has been home to many successful soul food restaurants over the years, many of whose doors remain open today.  One of"Reggie's Soul Food Cafe" the most popular soul food destinations in the city today is Reggies Soul Food Cafe.  Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe offers a wide selection of home-style foods in a cozy, inviting atmosphere.  Their caring and talented staff are dedicated to making your dining adventure fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. Whether you bring your family in for quality time together or gather with your friends for a hearty meal, Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe is the perfect place for satisfying your comfort food cravings.

Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe menu includes soul food favorites such as mac ‘n cheese, chicken and waffles, catfish fillets and salmon croquettes. "soul food meatloaf and greens" Looking to try something new?  How about a southern fried pork chop or a slab of turkey meatloaf.  There truly is something for everyone, a dish to satisfy every tastebud.  They pride themselves in always providing delicious meals, personalized customer service, and competitive, affordable prices. Whether you are dining in or getting yours to go, they work hard to replicate the flavors of home.

No visit to the city of Detroit is complete without a stop at Reggie’s.  Visit them at Michiganflavor.com to download their menu, check out their specials or get a map and directions.  Dine at Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe for an historic taste of Detroit.

Inspired by the Food Network: What is the Best Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten? and where did you eat it? Was it something you made at home out of a cookbook, something you concocted on your own or something you ordered in a restaurant? MiFlavor.com wants to know, “What’s the Best Thing You Ever Ate?” Michigan Flavor wanted to weigh in on the subject as well.  Here’s how we feel about some culinary creations that have made us take note.

Best Cheesecake

Paul’s Coney Island in Flint makes the most phenomenal cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. This glorious, light and fluffy, rich and creamy, crust-less, culinary miracle is a secret family recipe shared by only three restaurants in the country, two in Michigan, one in New Jersey. I can’t do it justice by writing about it. This cheesecake is an experience that should not be missed. Need a whole cheesecake for a holiday? Be prepared to order at least one month in advance because this glorious masterpiece is in high demand. You simply MUST go to Paul’s for a piece of cheesecake…I recommend it with strawberry topping, but this cheesecake does just fine on its own. It’s a new fav in my house.

cheesecake, Pauls_coney_island

Best Burger

I know there’s going to be a ton of debate in the area of “best burger”, heated debate at that; but for my money, there’s only one burger! Flint’s Starlite Diner‘s Cheeseburger Deluxe has my vote for the best burger hands down. The patty is juicy and delicious, the bun is lightly toasted, the american cheese is melty and gooey and the vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes, are always fresh and flavorful. Add a little mayo and what you have is the best burger I’ve ever eaten. As if the incredible burger doesn’t fill you up, I suggest pairing it with an order of hand-battered onion rings…or anything else on the menu for that matter. Starlite Diner is a top-notch restaurant with a family feel and excellent wait staff. Eat in or drive through – same fantastic food either way.


Best Coney

Best coney is a no-brainer for me. The hands down winner goes to American Coney Island in Detroit. I love their coney dogs as much for the dog itself as for the fun, entertaining atmosphere and warm, kind and funny employees. A very friendly waiter comes to your table during an incredibly busy lunch rush, takes the time to make conversation with you and then proceeds to yell out your order to Dan, the man making the coneys. Minutes later the coney arrives at your table. From the delicious “snap” of biting into the dog, to the warm, steamed bun, to the fantastic,  creamy chili, onions and mustard, this coney is the stuff of legend.


This “Detroit Style” coney is the best I’ve ever eaten by far. American Coney has the friendliest staff, most fun atmosphere and the yummiest product. American Coney Island in Downtown Detroit is in a league of its own, in my humble opinion. What’s your take on this subject? Do you prefer the “Flint Style” or “Detroit Style” coneys better and which Michigan restaurant makes the best one? We’d love for you to weigh in on the subject, but for my money, American Coney is THE best coney in the state.

Best Pizza

Ok folks. This one is going to fuel many, many debates. Best Pizza. I’ve had pizzas from all across this great state, some fantastic, some…not so much. But one pizza stands alone as by far the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. New to the Southfield, MI area, Pizzeria Biga makes the most amazing, authentic Italian style pizza. Its thin crust and amazingly fresh toppings make your dining experience one of a kind.


Choose from their “white pizza” menu listing interesting sauceless pizzas or their “red pizza” menu which highlights their vast selection of sauced pizzas. Choose one of theirs or create your own. Just be careful not to over top your authentic, thin crust pizza. Too many toppings weigh down this culinary delight. Their secret recipe dough is topped with only the freshest ingredients and cooked in one of their two wood burning ovens yielding a one-of-a-kind Italian masterpiece.

My fav Biga pizzas? From the “White” menu, Bacco Sausage, roasted onion and roasted red peppers. Phenomenal! From the “Red” menu, and my overall favorite Biga Pizza, is the Margherita Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil. You simply have to taste it to believe it. My advice is to get in your car, drive to 29110 Franklin Road in Southfield and enjoy a little piece of Italy in our own backyard.

Well that’s how Michigan Flavor weighs in, but what do you think?  Attention guest bloggers!  Submit your “best of” blog posts to round out our tribute to the Food Network and our very own list of “the best thing I ever ate”.  Looking for new places to dine and drink in Michigan?  Visit www.miflavor.com for a comprehensive, interactive online Michigan dining directory.  Let Michigan Flavor be your one stop Michigan restaurant resource.  Find everything culinary in one site – http://www.miflavor.com – the place to go before you go out.  Already out?  No worries, Michigan Flavor is mobile.  Look for us in The Google Marketplace.

Marketing Your Michigan Restaurant on the Web: Part 2 – The Fanpage

So, you have a beautiful new website that is nice to look at, easy to navigate and full of great content.  Now you need potential customers to find your restaurant in search engines.  Seems like a gigantic task.  The good news is that if you think of it in terms of a series of smaller tasks, it can be a bit less overwhelming.  What’s even better, you can get your website ranked in search engines without spending a dime.  You can tackle this project for only the cost of your valuable time.  So, for part 2 of 7, I thought we’d discuss one of the easiest and most popular ways to get your Michigan restaurant ranked in search engine results – the Facebook Fanpage.

Setting up a fanpage on Facebook is very simple and can actually be fun.  It causes you to think about your business in terms of what potential customers are looking for, especially the demographic who are using facebook the most.  Since Facebook is the most used application on the web, I feel this is the single most important place to start marketing your restaurant and your restaurant’s website on the internet.

Step one is to set up a facebook account.  Simply go to http://www.facebook.com/, fill out the quick application and click on the “sign up” button.  Once you’ve set up your account and filled out your personal information, click on the icon that says “set up a page for your business”.  This will take you to the fanpage section of facebook.  The single most important part of the process is to fill out a comprehensive profile of your Michigan restaurant.  Be as specific as possible, highlighting everything your restaurant has to offer.

Next, upload photos of your restaurant into a photo gallery.  Facebook users LOVE to look at photos!  Use your own digital images or hire a professional to take some beautiful pictures of your establishment, making sure you hire a professional who uses digital equipment.  Upload your photos and write keyword-heavy descriptions of each photograph.  Think in terms of how your customers will be searching when you write these descriptions.

A Facebook fanpage isn’t much of a fanpage without…FANS!  You have to get followers engaged with your fanpage and there is only one way to do it.  Invite them.  Invite them through email.  Invite your facebook friends.  Invite your Twitter followers.  Put your Fanpage address anywhere you’d put your web address.  It’s almost just as important.  If your Facebook Fanpage address is on your menu, internet-based mobile phone users will use their phones to become fans while their waiting for their meals to be served.  Put a link to your fanpage on your website.
After that, you’re good to go and ready to start posting content to your fanpage.  Add links to your website wherever possible.  Talk about specials you’re having, events that will be happening in your restaurant and even coupon availability.  Provide links to your favorite websites.  When you have an event, talk about it the next day and post photos of the event.  Post photos of your specials along with detailed descriptions.  Start customer loyalty programs.  Take a poll.  Get your customers involved in discussions.  Have give-aways.  The possibilities are practically endless.  The more you can do to get customers to interact with you on Facebook, the better search engine results your website will get.  So do everything you can.  The only way you can get this wrong is to not do it!  Visit Michigan Flavor’s Fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/michiganflavor.

So that concludes part 2.  Stay tuned for part 3 when we’ll tackle Twitter.  Between now and then, make sure you check out the Michigan Flavor Restaurant Directory at http://www.miflavor.com/.  Have questions regarding anything in any of our blog posts or need help implementing any of our suggestions?  Contact me via email at jodi@miflavor.com.  Interested in advertising your Michigan Restaurant on Michigan Flavor?  Call Dennis at 248-302-2738 or contact him via email at dennis@miflavor.com.  He or one of our other account managers will be happy to visit your restaurant and give you a full demonstration of Michigan Flavor.

Fine Dining Experience in Grand Blanc – Michigan’s Luca’s Chophouse

Luca’s Chophouse in Grand Blanc, Michigan brings a fine dining experience to a small town atmosphere.  The beautifully decorated, modern, clean style of Luca’s has a welcoming feeling while the fantastic waitstaff will do whatever it takes to make your experience a positive one.  Table side Steak Diane and Banana’s Foster adds to the ambiance, making your date night special and memorable.

Their diverse and delectable menu will be sure to make you a return customer.  Their goal is to make your dining experience with them a pleasurable one by offering an extensive selection of steak and seafood creations to gratify the most discerning palate. Luca’s Chophouse is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner for two or a night out with friends or family. With an impressive menu of steak and seafood specialties accompanied by their modern atmosphere and service, they create an ambiance of incredible warmth and casual elegance.

Their contemporary and chic bar area with nearby live entertainment section is the perfect place to get together with old friends or meet new ones.  With a wide array of top shelf liquor choices, beers on tap and and extensive wine list, finding the perfect drink to shake off a stressful day is limited only by your imagination.  The bar experience will be as memorable as your fantastic dining encounter.  You simply can’t go wrong by choosing to visit Grand Blanc’s Luca’s Chophouse.

To learn more about Luca’s, view their photo gallery, download and print their menus, see their events schedule and daily specials, visit their restaurant page at the Michigan Flavor Dining Directoryhttp://www.miflavor.com/ is the place to go before you go out.  Finding the perfect dining in Michigan experience is easier than ever with this Michigan restaurant directory in PC and mobile versions.  Luca’s Chophouse Restaurant page can be found at http://www.miflavor.com/restaurant.php?rst=476 .
Opt in at Michigan Flavor to receive periodic updates about dining in Michigan.  Interested in having your restaurant listed on Michigan Flavor?  Visit the “about us” page on the website or contact dennis at (248) 302-2738 or via email at dennis@miflavor.com.

Getting to Know Michigan Flavor

     I want to introduce Michigan Flavor to everyone.  What started as a dream has blossomed into a easy-to-use, fully-interactive, interesting and informative website that we’re hoping will become a favorite of yours. 

     Ever felt like dining out, but just couldn’t decide where to go?  Ever find yourself in an unfamiliar city with absolutely no idea where to dine?  Ever wonder which restaurants in your area are having daily specials or entertainment events?  Ever heard that there’s a great place to dine in your city, but weren’t sure where to find it?

     Michigan Flavor is the answer to all of the above questions.  You’ll never have trouble finding a place to dine again.  Search by radius, cuisine types, features, specials and events.  Browse through the photo gallery of an interesting restuaurant, download and print their menus, take a look at their specials and events, print coupons, view a map and directions, see hours of  operation, link directly to their website, find out if they offer online ordering or delivery, and so much more. 

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