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Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe – Detroit’s Comfort Food

Soul food is synonomous with comfort food.  Originated and developed by slaves in the United States, Soul food has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. Popular throughout the U.S., soul food is the result of cooking techniques and recipes handed down from generation to generation for over 300 years.

"chicken and Mac n Cheese"Many common foods that make up a soul food cookbook originated in Africa, such as okra, black eyed peas and leafy green vegetables.  The slaves used these ingredients to fuel them for the long workdays in the southern heat.  Soul food cooking became popular among the masses in the 1960’s and today makes up one of the most popular segments of the American restaurant industry.

The city of Detroit has been home to many successful soul food restaurants over the years, many of whose doors remain open today.  One of"Reggie's Soul Food Cafe" the most popular soul food destinations in the city today is Reggies Soul Food Cafe.  Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe offers a wide selection of home-style foods in a cozy, inviting atmosphere.  Their caring and talented staff are dedicated to making your dining adventure fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. Whether you bring your family in for quality time together or gather with your friends for a hearty meal, Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe is the perfect place for satisfying your comfort food cravings.

Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe menu includes soul food favorites such as mac ‘n cheese, chicken and waffles, catfish fillets and salmon croquettes. "soul food meatloaf and greens" Looking to try something new?  How about a southern fried pork chop or a slab of turkey meatloaf.  There truly is something for everyone, a dish to satisfy every tastebud.  They pride themselves in always providing delicious meals, personalized customer service, and competitive, affordable prices. Whether you are dining in or getting yours to go, they work hard to replicate the flavors of home.

No visit to the city of Detroit is complete without a stop at Reggie’s.  Visit them at Michiganflavor.com to download their menu, check out their specials or get a map and directions.  Dine at Reggie’s Soul Food Cafe for an historic taste of Detroit.